From kitchen and bathroom sink, to tub, shower, and laundry sink.  Bar sink, jacuzzi, there’s even one on the outside of your home. There are A LOT of faucets homeowners must maintain and occasionally replace. Therefore, it is overly important that you trust the plumber and the brand of faucet that’s being installed in your home. For years, we’ve trusted ‘Delta’ faucet company to provide the faucets we install in our customers’ homes. They offer a lifetime warranty on their product and have proven to be the most reliable manufacturer of faucet on the market. Whether it’s upgrading your builders’ grade, no name faucets that you hate, or replacing one that leaks when you use it, we’ve got you covered.

Time to replace your toilet? Running non-stop, wont flush just right, leaking all over your nice bathroom, or just ready to upgrade? We’ve got you covered! For toilets, we trust both ‘TOTO’ and ‘GERBER’ to get the job done for years to come. Both, leading brands in the professional world of toilets, neither will leave you disappointed. When upgrading or replacing your current toilet, you might consider installing a ‘comfort height’ toilet, especially if you are of the taller variety. ‘Comfort height’ means they sit 2 1/2″ taller than a standard toilet which often helps for a more comfortable experience. Throughout their life, the average person spends 92 days on the toilet. We can help make 3 months of your life a little more comfortable!

For our customers who are upgrading to or replacing their existing tankless water heater, our preference on product is ‘NORITZ’, the premiere tankless water heater manufacturer for natural gas and propane tankless water heaters. They have been an innovator in the water heating industry for over 60 years and introduced the first electronically controlled tankless water heater in 1981.

The average life of a tank water heater is 8 to 12 years and you’ll usually know when it’s time to replace yours. Whether you wake up to a brutally cold shower or walk down to the basement and step on water soaked carpet, it’s never a fun moment. However, there are precautions you can take to minimize the possibility of having to replace your water heater in such conditions. First, find out how old your water heater is. It will usually have the manufacture date stamped somewhere on the serial tag, often its within the serial number itself. If you find that your water heater is reaching or passed the 8 to 10 year mark, have your water heater inspected by a licensed plumber to evaluate any existing or potential issues. Its always much less stressful, and often less expensive, to catch and resolve plumbing issues before they become urgent. We offer and install the most consistently reliable water heaters for our customers. For our tank water heater replacements, we trust and stand behind ‘RHEEM PROFESSIONAL SERIES’ water heaters, but install ‘STATE’ and ‘BRADFORD WHITE’ in certain situations. The warranty on these units will range from 6 to 12 years.

    Bathroom sink draining slow? Might be a hair/debris build-up in the pop-up assembly or may be a more serious situation. The older your home is/gets, the more likely you are to run into drains clogging and backing up. Majority of the time, these issues can be resolved with a simple drain auger performed by your preferred plumber. Unfortunantly, not all clogs are easily resolved with an auger, especially if your home is old enough to have cast iron and galvonized drains. Cast iron and galvonized drains are notorious for slowly building up debris that hardens like cement and once the drain is closed off, its almost impossible to restore flow to these drains. If the drains are able to be opened, in this situation, it is usually for a short period of time. These situations often call for a much more permanent solution, involving replacement of that drain. 

    Sewer smells can range from a minor nuisance, to an over-whelming, nauseating, and potentially dangerous situation. Most sewer smells occur due to improper installation of a fixture, or cracks in existing plumbing drains or vents. They can be somewhat quick and simple to diagnose and resolve, but some require hours of inspection and testing to accuratly pin-point the cause and source of the smell. The most common sewer smell encountered is caused by a dried out p trap, usually caused by going long periods of time without use of a fixture, most commonly floor drains. If you have or think you may have a sewer smell in your house, don’t take it lightly, check the basics first, and call us for help and advise when you need it. 

    Venting issues are a much more uncommon occurance than a clogged drain, but can have similar symptoms and are often mis-diagnosed as a drain issue. Gurgling, air bubbles, and strong gasping sounds are all signs of a venting issue. Many venting issues occur due to improper installation of a fixture but can also occur in an old, detoriating plumbing system, or a clogged vent on or near your roof. A poorly vented, or problematic existing vent, can cause drain back-ups and even sewer smells. Water rushing down a drain that is poorly vented can pull water from nearby p-traps, causing them to dry out. 


Repair and/or replacement of all sump and ejector pumps. Replacements will include removal/disposal of failed pump, and new check valves on discharge lines. Some pits will required additional work if it was previously sealed for radon.

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